Published Research Articles:

• Anwar, Rana (2006) ‘William Golding’s novel “Lord of the Flies” as a study of Modern Capitalistic Society’ Journal of Arts and Humanities, Punjab University, Pakistan, vol.4, no.2, pp 38-44

• Anwar, Rana (2007) ‘ Location of Evil in A Passage to India and Lord of the Flies: Landscape Versus Mindscape’ Journal of Literature and Linguistics, Islamia University Bahawalpur, Pakistan, vol 14,no 4, pp 56-61

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• Anwar, Rana & Dubash, C.J (2011) ‘The Integration of Literature in Second Language Acquisition and Learning’ British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, vol1, no 1, pp 35-40

Available at and

• Anwar, Rana & Khan, Lubna (2012) ‘Collocations and Second Language use: Errors made by advanced learners in Pakistan’ Scottish Journal of Arts and Scientific Studies, vol 01, no 2, pp 47-73

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• Anwar, Rana (2013) ” The Beauty and the Beast: A Content analysis of Gender Portrayal in the Pakistan Television Advertisements” JELLS (Journal of English Literature and Linguistics) Vol 03,No.3,pp 66-83, FC College University, Pakistan

• Anwar, Rana & Zegarac,Vlad (2015)”ESP Program Evaluation: ESP Program for Engineers ” Journal of Universidad de la Amazonia, Florencia. De cada texto, su autor. ISBN: 978-598-8770-444 , pp 51-64

• I presented my paper entitled “An evaluation of Engineering Universities’ English Language Program (A Case Study) at the 3rd 21st Century Academic Forum Conference at Harvard University held on September 20-22, the Martin Conference Centre, Harvard University, USA (Paper will be published soon in Journal of Modern Education Review (ISSN 2155-7993)

Published Book

• Anwar, Rana & Rana, Abdul (2010), “Perceptive Study: Teaching English Language through English Literature”, Lambert Academic Publishing, Europe.