1. Short Term Training Programme on “Curriculum Development and Needs Analysis” at Forman Christian College University, Lahore, Pakistan conducted by Department of Humanities, FCCU, Lahore. July 2009

2. One day workshop on Advanced Research Methods, conducted by Center for Learning and Teaching, FCCU, held at Forman Christin College University, Lahore, Pakistan. April 2010

3. A workshop session on “ELT Management” held at University of Sussex, UK . March 2011

4. A series of training on “Emergency First Aid at Work” Conducted at PRIORY Educational Institutes and Hospitals in Europe and UK. Since 2011 to date

5. Series of training on “Preventing and Managing Violence and Aggression “at different PRIORY Educations sites since 2012 to date.

6. One Day workshop on “Effective Writing Skills,” held at Cambridge Testing Services, UK. September 2010
Topic Covered:
o Focus
o Organization
o Support and Elaboration
o Style
o Conventions
7. Short Term series of lectures, held at Mohammad V university at Agdal , Morocco on “Modern Practices in Concrete Technology Education” June 23-27, 2014

8. Two days’ workshop @ Brighton and Hove City Council “Make Teaching More Effective & Exciting” April 02-04, 2013
Topic Covered
• Multiple Bits of Intelligence* – Using MI to make classes more interactive & interesting
• Learning Styles – Understanding Learning styles and how we can maximize learning using this understanding
• Thinking Skills – What are they and how we can use them inculcate them through our classroom
• Active Learning * – Methodologies to make teaching more interactive, involving & more meaningful
• Cooperative Learning – How to get the get best out of peer to peer interactions and to multiple learning using groups
• Organizing Learning -What to use where – to enable effective understanding and recall.
• If they’re laughing, they’re learning – Effective strategies towards Using humor in classroom

9. One day work @ St. John’s College, Brighton “Thinking Higher, Creating Higher” July 26, 2013
Topic Covered
• Understanding and working with Higher order thinking skills
• Developing and using Creativity in learning

10. Two days training at PRIORY Educations, UK on “ Cultural Diversity and Cultural Harmony” May 16-17, 2014

11. One Day workshop on “Language Development,” held at West Hove Infant school. August 2014
Topic Covered:
• The natural way
• The joy of knowing and using a language is the key to learning the language.
• Geniekids approach is to simply follow the natural way in which we use the language and learn it on the go

12. A series of Teacher Training workshops on “Teacher (Self) Development.” One session each month. Held at Scottish Group of Education and Testing Services, UK. Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar 2014-15
Topic Covered:
• Discovering one’s potential as a teacher
• Developing effective Facilitating Skills
• Conducting Effective Sessions
• Developing and Adding MY creativity to my teaching
• Developing communication skills that make teachers more effective
• Frameworks of my mind – helping me relax, enjoy and give the best to children.
• Becoming the favorite teacher of children
13. One Day workshop, held at University of Bedfordshire on “Developing framework for Language Program Evaluations” April 2015

14. One day Workshop Session @ University De La Amazonia , Colombia on “ Language Program Evaluations” May 2015

15. Two days training at PRIORY Educations, UK on “ Cultural Diversity and Cultural Harmony” July 19-20, 2015

16. Two Days workshop held at Rali Hall @ Hove, UK “Brain Based Learning” August 27-28 2015
Topic Covered
• Language Development in Early Childhood / Middle School*
• Brain-based learning & Study Skills
• Understanding Activity Design
• Using Experiential and Integrated design
17. Three Days Workshops for Effective Classroom Management, held at Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil, March 17-19 2016
Topic Covered
• Cooperation – Effective Methods to solicit cooperation from children in the classroom
• Disciplining in the classroom – Alternative to punishment that work
• Communicating to motivate children: Bring the best out of students by simple
• changes in our communication
• Circle Time – using group dynamics for learning
• Creating stimulating yet enjoyable physical, Mental and Emotional environment in the classroom

18. One Day workshop, held at Romanian Consulate @London, UK “Teaching and Learning through Art” April 29, 2016

Topic Covered
• Using Art, color, clay & sand for effective learning
• Using Theater for effective Learning
• Using Music for learning
• Using Storytelling / doing in learning

19. Three days training at PRIORY Educations, UK on “ Cultural Diversity and Cultural Harmony” May 16-18, 2016

20. Three days’ workshop, held at University of Antioquia, Colombia on “Challenges and demands posed on teachers of next generation” June 02-05 2016

21. One Day workshop, held at PRIORY Hospital, Southampton, UK “Understanding Child” July 2016
Topic Covered
• Understanding Emotional needs of a child
• Working with acceptance and Intentions
• Understanding and Developing high Self-esteem
• Developing Life skills or success skills

22. Two Days workshop on “Effective Writing Skills,” held at The American University in Cairo, Egypt. August 2016
Topic Covered:
• Think About Your Readers’ Needs
• Remember Basic Rules for Good Written English
• Write Regularly to Develop Confidence and Quality
• Have a Structure for Drafting and Re-Drafting
• Get Feedback on Your Writing and Use It
• Be Realistic About What You Can Achieve