Learning teaching has become its own field of study as the age of compulsory English Education has become lower and lower in countries around the world. It is widely believed that starting the study of English as a foreign language (EFL) before the critical period —— 12 or 13 years old ——will build more proficient speakers of English. Levels of proficiency seem to be dependent on other factors—-type of programme and curriculum, number of hours spent in English class, and techniques and activities used.

If an early start alone is not the solution, then what can EFL teachers of young learners do to take advantage of the flexibility of young minds and the malleability of the young tongues? As the age for English education lowers in the class room across the globe, EFL teachers of young learners struggle to keep up with this trend and seek effective ways of teaching.

This presentation contains some helpful ideas to incorporates into the ELT classroom