Learning through stories and dramas

All learners from babies to grandparents learn better with stories and dramas. Stories and dramas are energizers. When some one says, “Let me tell you a story”. Listeners perk up their ears and smile .Even hard truth can be taught easily through stories and dramas.

Stories and dramas are told, enacted and read at home and educational institutes. Both entertain and educate learners. Using stories and dramas in the classroom is a fun, but the activity should not be considered trivial .Story and drama is concerned with both the product (The performance) and the process of language leaning. Stories and dramas—–whether they are fairy tales, folktales, legends, or are based on real-life incidents experienced by students themselves—–can help learners appreciate and respect the culture and the values of various groups.

This presentation aims to tell the teachers that how they can use stories and dramas to enhance the language skills of the learners? What are the different activities of using stories and dramas through which they can boost their learning teaching experience?